An Objective Statement Of Our Charity

What we Believe

No one should have to suffer any form of Domestic Violence. Our objective is to educate the community on identifying potential victims of domestic violence and directing them to agencies who can assist them. We also distribute material to educate people on how to identify abusers and avoid becoming a victim. To do this we distribute pamphlets and bookmarks outling the signs of abuse and how to get help. We currently produce bookmarks, pamphlets and merchandise outlining steps to take to escape domestic violence safety. We also educate young people with moral directives and life lessons. The Chairperson of the charity is also an author of children’s books aimed at empowering young people to speak up about being abused.

Future Goal

Are to branch out into schools and community groups to spread the message further. We are also planning to start producing bags of essential items to assist victims who have lost everything by leaving. The bags will contain basic items to help them get back on their feet.