What Do We Believe At Stop All Domestic Violence

We believe that the abuser is responsible for the abuse. That he or she takes full responsibility for this and needs to do courses to re-educate and learn about how to manage their anger, work on self esteem, learn about boundaries, healthy communication skills. Doing an anger management course is a great idea for dealing with your anger issues.

 But the victim is responsible for educating herself or himself and for her/ his own journey of recovery working on their own issues. So that she or he is no longer a victim or needs to have abuse in their life or is co-dependent on the abuser. Learn about the warning signs of an abuser because when you know about these you can spot an abuser and you keep away.

 There are courses with Women’s centres or crisis centres that deliver these courses for women. For men sorry but you will have to be more resourceful and go to a library and read books, look on line for courses or see a counsellor. At this time there are not very many if any programs for men who have been abused. But the information is still out there to be found. To educate yourself once you are out of the dangerous situation and safety has been taken care of is the best step you can take. Because when you know more you do better. As a result you can have such a better life by learning all these great skills that you can use in every part of your life there after. It can take time to work on dealing with the effects of abuse but it is well worth the journey and you will attract healthy happy people in your life as a result.

 I would not recommend that anyone goes to another relationship until they have worked on their own issues and done a little bit of work. Because you will just repeat the same pattern of abuse but with another partner. There is no point in going down the same road over and over again. Educating and counselling yourself changes that makes it possible for you to do better and to have better in your life.