What is domestic violence?

We ask that question what is domestic violence?

It is any behavior that is violent, abusive, intimidating and is carried out from one person to another so that they control and dominate that person.

The result of domestic violence is that it causes fear, physical and psychological harm to another. It can be man against woman, woman against man, women, against man, man against child or woman against child. Living with domestic Violence has a huge effect against the children and any young people who are exposed to it. Also it is actually a form of child abuse. It can be very violent and includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse and verbal abuse, economic abuse also harassment and stalking. All of these forms of abuse can occur as systematic abuse and the result of which is coercing and control of a partner or another person.


In order for victims of abuse to come forward they have to feel and know and believe that they are completely safe to tell their stories to police officers, to support agencies or even to friends and family. Without this simple fact no action that is taken by them or for them will be effective or successful. Their is no help of improvement in their situation without this and the full knowledge that it is actually safe for them to disclose to others or to even leave the violent situation, safety always always comes first! Victims need to know that procedures are in place to protect them to have their back and to take measures to ensure their safety and their families safety. Sometimes abusers threaten their families so this can become an issue too. They have to know and completely believe and trust that others will take their situation seriously and that they will support and completely believe them.


In abuse situations there are always witnesses somewhere someone always saw, heard or had a feeling that something is just not right. It is important for these people to stand up and to support victims to contact police and support agencies.

I am not asking for anyone to put their life in danger always contact police and continue to contact police until something is done. In an emergency ring 000 for help. Don’t just stand by and watch and do nothing wait for someone else to do it because these kind of excuses allow abuse to continue. If everybody thinks that someone else will do something nothing will ever get done. Each person needs to be responsible and stand up and say no take some kind of action. This way we will stop domestic violence from happening because it is people around the victim doing nothing about it who allow it to continue and for victims to continually die.

We need to get over the mindset of mind my own business and don’t get involved belief with domestic violence because it is every-bodies business. all it takes for a person to be continually abused is for society to turn a blind eye to it not contact police not try to support the victim for the abuse to continue and it will continue until society changes its mind of mind my own business

If you need to get support here are some numbers for you to ring.

Lifeline – 131114    24 hr  crisis support

Violence and Sexual assault– 1800 respect 6737732  open 24hrs a day

Violence Family  Interpreter Service –131450

Violence and Abuse —   NRS- 1800 555 677

If you are in imminent danger call 000 for the police