When Bad Things Happen What You Need To Do

When bad things happen in the world it can be a shock to the person it is happening to or to those helping or seeing these events taking place. So what should you do as a result of this is important and will help you and others to heal. Whether it is domestics violence or a crisis like a bushfire a bad storm or a dought the result can be the same. Shock and horror,  fear disbelief, fear of the future and not feeling safe. We have all seen the pictures on the tv or heard on the radio about the bushfires  in Australia. As if our countryside has not had enought happen to it with the terrible dought now there is the bush fire as well to the countryside and our beautiful country towns and beaches and national parks.

You might ask what can I do I am not close. But you can make a difference to the lives of those affected in so many ways. when it is safe for you to go to the area. You can donate to charities helping victims or the rural fire service you can donate your time to helping others. You can set up a go fund me page for victims. You can be a collection point for food or clothing and take to the affected area. Maybe when you next take a holiday go to the effected areas and spend some money in that town support the locals to get back on their feet. You could buy a person affected something little like a tin opener  or big like a fridge or tv some material thing they have lost. Imagine what would happen if we all donated or bought something for a person who was effected. It would make such a huge difference to their lives. Maybe you could go there and help with the clean up or just be a friend someone to comfort and help them so they know that they are not alone. Maybe you could offer accomodation for them to stay in or organize a food parcel or clothing.  You could help the widlife or animals effected from the fire or dought. We all need to support and help at this time to pull together as one team and one country. So today what can you do to help because we all need to take action to be part of the recover process.

You can send messages of support on the internet to let others know they are not alone and forgotten. Doing something like this helps everyone to heal and feel better. Maybe give a hug to a affected person ( always ask first incase they are a sexual assault survivor) hugging is so healing for a person in shock. It lets the person know they are not alone and have help. If you don’t know what to say then say to the person affected “What can I do to help you to feel better?”or” What do you need from me to help you?” Asking questions is so great it gives the affected person a way to tell you what they need and what would most help them. So lets all work together to help our beautiful towns and beaches and national Parks so that they come back stronger and better than before. You can’t change what has happened but we can change what we do about it and how we support everyone. Thank you to all those rural fire men and women and the police, ambulance workers, ses. You are our heros putting your lives at risk for us. Also all the people who are working at this time to support them and keep them going. Lets make some thing so bad turn in to something so good because we all helped.



Moral : Support and help those affected by fires and drought today!