Reasons Why A Victim Will Not Leave A Domestic Violence Situation!

  1. They have a false belief to work on and change.
  2. They have a value they believe in that needs to be worked on changed with a counsellor. ie All good women stay with their man.
  3. They need education about abuse so that they understand about the cycle and how it operates so they can see that staying is not helping anyone.
  4. They have no where safe to go.
  5. There is a threat to your life or another persons life if you leave.
  6. They are programmed by abuse and fear and need to be re programmed.
  7. They are getting something out of staying in the abuse. Some way they are benefiting could be financial or emotionally. But somehow there is a benefit they are getting that they value.
  8. They are in chronic fear need counselling and support and maybe some safety things put in place so it is safe for them to leave.