Myths About Domestic Violence

There are a lot of myths about Domestic Violence and what it is and is not! Having a clear understanding will enable you to make good choices in your life. Here are some of the things victims of Domestic Violence  might say about their abuse to  try to lessen it.

  1. It will get better he or she only hit me once. It never ever gets better it always always gets worse.
  2. I deserved it I provoked him or her so its my fault.The abuser is always at fault for his or her behavior.
  3. He had or she a bad childhood so I excuse his/ her abuse. It is his or her responsibility for his or her behavior. He/she needs to work on his/her issues. When you allow it you are enabling the person’s bad behavior. They need to leave and work on themselves so they can get better mentally.
  4. It wasn’t physical so it does not matter. All abuse matters verbal and emotional abuse is just as damaging and hurtful. It all needs to stop!
  5. They are receiving counselling so it is ok for him or her to stay. No they need to leave until they have changed their behavior and work on all their issues.
  6. Its a women’s or man’s job to support their partner no matter what they do or how they treat you. You are enabling their bad behavior. They need to leave and work on their own issues. No one deserves to be abused ever.