Boys and Men Have Feelings Too!

We all have feelings and needs male and female. Boys can cry sometimes too because there are times when we are all hurting inside and feel upset or overwhelmed by something. It is ok for boys to cry too, and be in touch with their feelings. It is actually very healthy for a male to cry and show emotion and talk about their feelings. Talking about your feelings is being real and honest with yourself and that is a good way to be.

Don’t bottle up your feelings because it will come out in another way like anger and probably not a healthy way. Being able to say how you feel and what you want is part of being healthy and well mentally, and that is a good thing. So show your feelings when you feel them be real and honest with yourself and with others this is the only way you stay mentally healthy. Say how you feel and be proud that you have done this because more men need to show their feelings and open up and talk about how they really feel. Not talking about how you feel leads to depression, and mental illness so stay healthy open and honest in how you feel. It is better and healthier to have someone say how they really feel than to lie to you about how they feel. It may hurt you to hear what they say but at least they are being honest, and that is the best and the only way to be.  Once you have been honest with someone then they can move on and think of ways to move forward. Heal your hurt and  move on once you have taken care of yourself and are feeling better and happier. If you do not feel better soon then you need to see a professional to help you to heal again so you can feel better.

Moral be honest with yourself and with others say how you really feel and what you are upset about or what you really need.