Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem

Many people who have been abused both male and female have issues with low self esteem it is universal. So working on these issues in your life will empower you to do better and to understand the process of abuse and how you can also stop being abused and being in abusive relationships

  1. Get books out to read from library on self worth and other self improvement topics. Apply what you learnt to your life.
  2. See a counsellor to work with you on your issues and to teach you about abuse issues.
  3. Go to your local crisis centre or woman’s centre and do the courses for abused people.
  4. Print off information from the internet that talks about self esteem and read and apply these principals to your life.
  5. Write in your diary your internal thoughts so you have a healthy way to deal with your internal thoughts. This can be healing and also revealing as to what you really feel and think. Sometimes you will have a ah moment!
  6. Do a self esteem course on line and apply what you learnt to your life.

There is a book you can buy called The self Esteem workbook Glenn R Schiraldi. PhD

Where you do the process in the workbook and get educated about self esteem and work on your issues.

Education in your life is key to your overcoming your issues of abuse and to your having a better life!