Healthy Boundaries

What are healthy boundaries? They are boundaries that a person sets so that they can have a healthy life. Being able to set boundaries is very important to having a healthy life and is all part of good mental health and well being. There are different types of boundaries that you will set with different situations and different people. For example you will have different boundaries with family members that you are close to than with a stranger. Each person needs to be responsible for setting there own boundaries in their life. Different situations will require different boundaries that you apply. There are also different boundaries there are physical, emotion and psychological.

Boundaries are necessary for good mental and emotional health. They ensure you are safe and sound and your needs are taken care of. Some people have non-existent boundaries others are very ridge and strong. When you are lax with your boundaries it means that others are able to violate you and your needs and you will enmesh with them. Healthy boundaries mean a healthy life. Those that have a healthy boundaries have a good identity and a good sense of self. You decide what you will allow and not allow into your life. Those with bad boundaries can have issues with self esteem, anger, resentment and can also suffer from burnout. Setting healthy boundaries allows you to find fulfilment in life, less stress and healthier relationships.

You are able to make the best decisions that are best for you and your individual life. You are able to speak up for you and to stop any non productive or abusive behaviour for you. Your physical boundaries are at the end of your body you decide who can come into your space. You can say yes or no to anyone touching you or invading your physical space.

Moral Set healthy boundaries so that you have a healthy life!