Are You A Victim Of Gas-lighting?

So what is gas-lighting?

It is a hidden form of mental and emotional abuse. It is done to make a victim doubt themselves and their sanity. Another reason it is done is to control and to manipulate you. Often the person doing it will be charming and seductive. But it is important that you listen to you own intuition as to what is right. You will feel confused and over whelmed and wonder if you are at fault. You will doubt yourself and have guilt feelings but don’t!

It can take place at work or in any kind of relationship. You might be told things like you are ungrateful, overly sensitive, stupid, insecure, crazy or even abusive but don’t believe any of this cause it’s not true. Gas-lighting is very damaging to your self-esteem and your self-confidence. You may judge and blame yourself but don’t remember the other person is at fault. Sometimes the abuser will try to make you dependent on them. They might use put downs or even intimidate you to keep you quiet and close to them. Gas-lighting is a common technique used by abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders to control others. Being around them you may feel paranoid, mentally unstable, silly, unhinged, no ability to make your own judgements, mini-zed, imbalanced and irrational.

Here are some of the signs that gas-lighting is being used on you.

They tell lies

They will deny what they said to you before.

They will deny what matters to you to hurt and attack you.

You will be worn down

Sometimes they will use positive reinforcement to confuse you and make you feel they care about you.

You will feel very confused and overwhelmed and dis orientated.

They will accuse you of what they are doing to you.

They will make other people disbelieve you and be against you.

They will tell other people that you are crazy and mad.

They will make other people think you are lying.

You will feel that something is “off” about the person but you will not know or be sure of what it is.

You will feel threatened and on edge.

You will feel that you are not good enough.

You will think that there is something terribly wrong with you.

You will no longer trust yourself and your own judgement.

You have lost your own confidence in yourself.

You will feel guilty.

You are afraid to say what you think or feel.

Are You A Victim Of Gas Lighting