Emotional Self Love Book For Victims Of Abuse

Looking after yourself at times of great stress is very important for your well-being.

Try to get eight hours of sleep each night.

If you can’t then work on having small naps when you can.

Eat healthy meals daily. At times of stress it can be hard to eat because you feel so stressed so work on eating some small healthy food like yoghurt or fruit or soup to start with till you feel better and more settled.

Remember to do some kind of exercise daily even if it is just to go for a little walk.

Try to find something that you enjoy to do to exercise.

Find a hobby that you love to do and enjoy and try to do this daily.

Its a great way to meet friends and to relax.

Sit in a peaceful garden or near nature.

Do meditation or Yoga.

Listen to music that you love

Find a friend that you feel safe with and talk to them when you are stressed.

Find something every day that you enjoy to do and makes you feel good could be a bath, a massage, buy some flowers, having a coffee with friends.

Have a support team around you to support you.

Find a support worker with your local mental health team if you need it.

Go to your local domestic violence group and do all the training they provide.

It is really powerful to be informed about your situation and to understand about what is happening to you.

Also to know what the options are for you to keep yourself safe.

Knowledge is key for you, the more information you have the better it is for you to make an empowered action step to take.

Have a group of friends that you can go to for support and help.

If one is not available you can go to another one for help.

Have a call line that you can go to when you are stressed or self harming or depressed or not doing well.

Talk to your family Dr about your mental health and have a medical check up regularly.

Having a plan of things that you can do is a great idea, so that when there is a crisis you are prepared and have a plan of what to do and what makes you feel better.

Read up on your condition or situation having knowledge is key to being able to manage your condition or situation better and knowing what to do to make you feel happier.

Keep track of what you have achieved and how well you are doing, look at the positives. Seeing how far you have come makes you feel better.

Write in your grateful book about what you are grateful for daily this gets you in a good head space. It also allows more good things to come into your life.

Join a support group so you are supported and the group should have positive things that you can do to help you with your situation.

Go to a safe place when you feel unsafe.

Talk to someone that you feel safe with about your feelings.