Books I Recommend

Books I Recommend You Read For Self Improvement!

These are books I have read and can recommend for victims of Domestic Violence, abuse and trauma. I found them very educational and helpful to my recovery and knowledge base. Remember knowledge is key so the more information you have the healthier mentally you will be. Also the more you will attract healthy relationships and will have a much better life as a result.

Here are the Books I recommend.

  • The Self Esteem Workbook, Glenn R Schiraldl PhD
  • Boundaries, Dr John Townsend, Dr Henry Cloud
  • Measuring Up, Dr Kevin Leman
  • Trauma And Recovery, Judith Herman
  • Love Yourself Heal Your Life. Louise Hay workbook And Book
  • The Body Keeps The Score, Bessel Vander Kolk
  • Living With A Psychopath, Tim Merchant
  • Courage To Heal, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis Workbook And Book.
  • The Complex PTSD Workbook, Arielle Schwartz

Children’s Books

Anne Wigglebottom is a preschool teacher who loves children dearly. She has spent more than twenty years looking after children.

She has also worked to make changes in how domestic violence is handled and managed, by working with police and the training system.