Books I Recommend

Books I Recommend You Read For Self Improvement!

These are books I have read and can recommend for victims of Domestic Violence, abuse and trauma. I found them very educational and helpful to my recovery and knowledge base. Remember knowledge is key so the more information you have the healthier mentally you will be. Also the more you will attract healthy relationships and will have a much better life as a result.

Here are the Books I recommend.

  • The Self Esteem Workbook, Glenn R Schiraldl PhD
  • Boundaries, Dr John Townsend, Dr Henry Cloud
  • Measuring Up, Dr Kevin Leman
  • Trauma And Recovery, Judith Herman
  • Love Yourself Heal Your Life. Louise Hay workbook And Book
  • The Body Keeps The Score, Bessel Vander Kolk
  • Living With A Psychopath, Tim Merchant
  • Courage To Heal, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis Workbook And Book.
  • The Complex PTSD Workbook, Arielle Schwartz
  • Where to draw the line how to set Healthy Boundaries Everyday
  • Anne Katherine
  • The Battered Women Syndome Lenore A Walker
  •  Blame Changer Understanding Domestic Violence Carmel O’ Brien
  •  Family Violence & Criminal Justice Brian K Payne Randy R Gainey
  • Breaking the silence A practical guide for male victims of Domestic Abuse Dr Elizabeth Celt
  • The Abuse of Men Trauma Begets Trauma Barbara Jo Brothers
  • Abused Men The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Phillip W Cook
  • The Abusive Personality Violence and Control In intimate Relationships Donald G Dutton
  • Domestic Violence The 12 Things You Aren’t Suppose To Know
  •   Thomas B James
  • Rethinking Domestic Violence Donald G Dutton
  • Venus The Dark Side Roy Sheppard & Mary T Cleary
  • Truth And Prejudice Men’s Expereience of Domestic Violence
  •    Edith Crawford
  • Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence Moving Beyond
  •  Political Correctness Fred Buttell & Michelle Mohr Carney
  • Older Men’s Business Valuing Relationships Living With Change
  •     Jack Zinn
  • Victims No Longer The Classic Guide For Men Recovering From Childhood Sexual Abuse Mike Lew
  • Broken Boys Mending Men Recovering From Childhood Sexual
  •   Abuse Stephen D Grubman- Black
  • Abused Boys The Neglected Victims Of Sexual Abuse Mic Hunter
  • Wounded Boys Heroic Men A Man”s Guilde To Recovering From Child Abuse Daniel J Sonkin
  • The Invisable Wound A New Approach To Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse Wayne Kritsberg

Children’s Books

Anne Wigglebottom is a preschool teacher who loves children dearly. She has spent more than twenty years looking after children.

She has also worked to make changes in how domestic violence is handled and managed, by working with police and the training system. She has also made changes through parliment and in how sexual abuse victims are treated in the witness box by speaking out about her experience to the Attorney General, to Members of Parliment, To Victims groups, to Government Departments for  Domestic violence. She has also been in the Daily Telegraph twice to talk about the journey of sexual assault victims and how changes need to be made. In a women’s magazine asking other sexual assault victims to come forward and report there abuse and to get help. Also has been on the ABC Radio talking about bullying and domestic violence and her bullying book.