How Men Need To Treat Women

Men need to learn from when they are very young boys how to treat girls and women. To treat them with respect and kindness. To respect their boundaries, their bodies and their feelings. It starts in childhood being taught not to look up dresses or down tops and to respect their feelings and thoughts.

Little girls and women need to let men show their feelings. That it is ok to cry and to show and express their feelings. That real men are in touch with their feelings and don’t bottle up how they feel. That it is safe for men to say how they really feel. To be able to say it in a non aggressive way so that they feel heard and don’t use violence to express how they feel.

It needs to be normal in society for women to be treated with respect. For any man or boy who does not to be told in a positive way by men and woman for them to use respect with woman and girls. It also needs to ok for others to step in and to say something when they observe anyone being disrespectful to either sex male or female.

If these changes are made I think that it will make a difference. There will still be psychopaths who are damaged people in society but these people when found need to be labelled and separated from others some how to keep society safe from their behavior.