What A Victim Of Trauma Needs?

Safety, trust, love, understanding, honesty, hope, kindness, support, A voice to be heard, Faith for the future.

Remember all of these have been taken away from them with trauma. They have to rebuild their life again step by step. So keep things fun and  light this is great and healing for trauma. Work on postive things and improving little things in the beginning. Be honest  about the facts don’t play games say the truth. They need to deal with what has happened. To greive for what they have lost both emotionally and financially. So let them cry and express their feelings in a healthy way. They are learning to trust and feel safe again so let them take little steps to towards the future. Encourge them to find something that they love to do this is very healing for them.

In the beginning work on the basic needs food. clothing. water.  A place to stay till they are safe and can go home or they have another home to go to. Counselling and emotional support is also very important. Let them grieve in their own way and do what feel right for them. We all have our own way to express how we feel, so let them do it in what feel right for them. It is important to be true to you and to do what feel right for you. Give them a voice to say how they feel this will help them to heal some more. Some victims need to repeat their story over and over again this is normal and healthy to do this. It is how you heal from what has happpened to you. With time this will get better for them. Don’t stop a victim from talking they need to talk they need to get their feelings heard and valued so that they can move on with their life.

Before you hug someone always ask first. Asking is very powerful for a sexual assault victim it lets them know that you will respect their boundaries and that they will be safe with you. ( incase they are a sexual abuse survivor) Hugging and comforting is very healing for a victim of abuse and trauma. Laughter is very healing for victims of abuse so try to do something with fun and laughter in it to give them some relief from the despair they are feeling inside.

Moral: Support victims of abuse and trauma encourge them to heal in what every way is helpful for them!

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    Hi Suzanne did get thru to your site and read What a Victim of Trauma Needs. Very well put together and sound advice.

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