Warning Signs Of An Abuser

Wants to know where you are all the time

Will not let you have your own friends and go out with them.

Will not let you have your own interests

Controls what you do and when

Controls what money you have

Controls who you see and when

Will not let you have your own opinion on things

Needs to be with you all the time

Does not respect your boundaries

Does not respect others values in their life

Can’t invite others over unless your partner is with you.

Checks up on you all the time

Try’s to change you so you are not being yourself and what you love.

Is not able to compromise on little things.

Has very low self esteem

Is still emotionally connected to parents

There words and action don’t match

Can’t admit when they are wrong about something

Not interested in how you feel

Can’t handle your independence is threatened by this Is emotionally immature