What Do You Do If You See Someone On Their Own?

No one likes to be on their own and have no friends!

Here are some action steps to take to help them!

 Go up to them and talk to them kindly

Be a friend to them

Smile at them

Hold their hand so they feel safe

Play with them

Sit with them and say hello

Invite them to play with your group of friends

Eat your lunch with them

Tell a teacher about them

Tell your parents about them

Tell your friends about them

Ask your parents if you can invite them to your house sometimes to play with you.

All of these actions should mean that they are helped and will feel safe again. If one of these action steps do not work, then go to another one until one of them work for you!

Here is another point to remember!

How would you feel if it was you?

What would you want to happen for you, if it was you sitting by yourself alone?

These questions will give you the answers as to how you should behave in this situation!

If you do not like it happening to you then don’t let it happen to anyone else. We are all the same and have feelings and we all matter. No one is more important than anyone else. Everybody matters it does not matter what colour or nationality you are. If you are male or female everybody is important in this world. Here is another important fact, males have feelings too and it is ok for them to cry sometimes. When a male feels sad it needs to be safe for them to say how they feel and what is happening to them and that it is ok to have feelings and to express them.  The story about boys don’t cry is false and needs to be stopped because boys need to cry and to show their feelings. It is not healthy for a male to keep all there feelings inside and not to open up and talk about how they feel and what is going on for them. Boys and men hurt too, they feel things just like females do. So make it safe for them to talk about how they feel and what is happening for them.

We are all part of the world and being different and yourself is great it makes the world a great place to live. Everyone is special in there own way we all have some special gift to offer to the world.

Moral treat others as you would want them to treat you with love and kindness!