What A Victim Needs To Hear

Safety comes first always in every case and needs to be present for a victim to heal.

Acceptance, love, kindness, understanding.

Allowing a victim to tell their story in their own way that is safe and ok for them.

Allow them to use their own words and feelings so that they can express how they feel and what was done to them how they were violated. It is part of the healing process to talk about all of the abuse so allow them to tell you how they feel and what was done to them.

Being allowed to say your truth is so powerful for a victim of abuse it is the beginning of a victim healing. So remember that you are allowing them to heal a deep painful wound. They may need to tell you several times so be patient with them and kind.

Allow a victim to heal in the way that they want to that is healing for them as every victim is different and may find healing in a different way. What works for one person may not work for another we are all different. No one way is the only way what ever leads to healing for one victim is the right way for them. What ever makes them feel lighter and blighter is ok.

A victim may need to tell you there abuse over and over again remember you are helping them to heal by allowing them to speak their truth. They will have bad days and good days be kind.

Don’t ever say it was your fault or you are to blame the abuser is responsible for the abuse not the victim.
Never tell them to shut up or go away or that they need to get over it abuse takes a long time to get over it does not heal in one go.

Always, always, always believe a victim it is not easy for them to talk about abuse and what happened to them. Don’t Judge them you may not know all the facts yet!