Information about Charity

What we believe

Is to stop domestic violence in our communities, in our towns, in our cities, in our countries and around the world. By getting out in our communities at shopping centres and events that families attend we can make a difference and can speak to victims personally in a safe place. We use education as our first step, so that our families, our children, our young people and our old folk know the facts of domestic violence. They can spot it when it is occurring. They have an understanding of what domestic violence is? Why it occurs, the facts and the myths, the warning signs of an abuser and what to do about it! Also how to stop it when it happens. How it takes a community to stamp it out and to speak out about it and to support its victims. That way victims feel safe enough to get out and to take action steps and to have a better life.

What Do We Do

We educate the local community about domestic violence with information about the different types of domestic violence. The myths and the warning signs. We educate as a first step going to supermarkets, shopping centres and markets to be viable and easily approachable in the local community so that we can reach those who are affected.

Our experience as victims has taught us that being educated about domestic violence makes a huge difference to our lives and our decisions we take.

Many a victim has told me if I had this information I would not be in this situation at all or I would of got out of it earlier. So safety then education are always the first steps. When a person in domestic violence is educated about the facts it is easy to make an informed decision about what choices and actions they can take for their life. We also give out information about the services available in local communities to victims. We also hold educate days in our communities where we get providers and victims together. This way we can make a change in their life and to help support victims. We recommend programs and projects that help a victim to move from being a silent victim to being a survivor. To having a better life and even sometimes helping others in the community who are also now victims. When a victim works on their issues and becomes empowered they can make healthy choices in their life. There are lots of courses or workshop or you can even work with a personal counsellor to improve your self.

We offer free information about domestic violence at stalls we hold in Community Centres, Shopping Centres and markets around NSW. We give out bookmarks about self esteem, healthy boundaries, Core Personal values, healthy relationships, mental health, stalking, elder abuse, gas lightening, isolation, sexual abuse, physical abuse etc. We sell children’s books with information to help educate our young people about the facts. What you can do about the situation so that you can do better in your life and as  a result don’t get into domestic violence, bullying or  not having high self esteem and awareness of what healthy boundaries are. Because when you know better you do better and you don’t allow abusers into your life. You have healthy boundaries, good values and morals to live by and high self esteem.

What We Stand For

Here at stop all domestic violence we believe that everyone matters and everyone is included and worth helping and supporting. Man, Woman, child, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, gay straight, black or white. For men there is a website now that totally supports men called one in three because one in three men get abused so as well as this website this one will print your stories and support you.

We are all important and should not have to put up with violence anywhere from anyone. It does not matter what colour you are or where you live. If you are in the world then you matter and are important to us. Everyone has a voice and is worth supporting.

We believe that we all have value and we all matter to the world. We stand for peace, love, acceptance

and understanding to all.