Do You Have An Elderly Person In Care?

Know How To Identify Signs Of Abuse?

Unexplained marks on the body

Breaks for no reason

Reacting differently than normal

Withdrawn behaviour

Unexplained amounts of money gone

Feeling frightened and afraid

Not being themselves

Not wanting to eat or participate in activities

Losing weight for no reason

Being very stressed


These could all be signs of elder abuse!

Don’t dismiss it check it out. Be proactive.

Ask lots and lots of questions don’t stay silent.

If you find something contact the provider and the police.

Keep reporting it until you get action.

Get help so it stops and is investigated properly.

The elderly are very vulnerable and often can not defend themselves. They rely on others to look after support, love them and to keep them safe!

Also there are agency’s who you can contact for help!

Contact NSW Elder abuse helpline 1800628221.

Moral be alert so you can protect your loved ones!