Fathers need to talk and be present in their daughters lives.

Fathers and good male role models have a very important job to do in a young girls life. They set the tone and teach a girl about how to be treated by men in relationships. That they should be respected and treated kindly. They also need to teach a daughter the difference between a man showing her attention and respect. What she is after is respect not attention. Also how a man she meets in all her relationships should talk to her and behave.  Teach her that she has high value to any man. She needs to learn that she has value to herself  and that she is special. That it is safe for her to talk to a man and be with him. Teach her to talk to a man honestly about how she feels and her feelings that these are important and matter in a man and women relationship or any relationship. They have a very unique opportunity to teach girls about being respected, valued and that they are special in their own way. Spend time bonding with your daughter doing things together and having special time alone. Get to know her and what she likes and praise what she is good at. Build her self esteem so she feel good about herself. If she sees bad behaviour in your relationship with her she will think that it is normal and is how a man should treat her. The way a father treats a daughter is reflected in the relationship that she has with any man their after. So if you want your daughter to have a healthy happy relationship in her life you need to model the behaviour with your daughter both physically and emotionally. This is how she learns about relationship issues and how to be treated by men and what is normal. So make a date night with your daughter or daughters so that she, they can learn what is respect and how to be treated by men.

Moral Teach Girls that they have high value to the world and should be respected for the special person they are.