Improve The System

Lets speck out and change and improve the system for others? Have you been in abuse situations and then found that the system does not work for you! Lets change that! Lets all make the system work for abuse victims, so that you can get the help that you need to become a survivor of abuse and you win and get justice. Sometimes systems just don’t work and when they don’t you need to speck out and we can all work together on fixing the problem to so that others will have a better time than you did. If this has happened to you then I’d like to hear from you and we will work on improving the system for abuse victims so we can all find Justice. It should not be hard to get justice and having a fair system that works for everyone should  be part of the journey.

If we all stand together we can achieve major changes to the system when it is broken and not working so lets all work together to get a better system for all. Don’t stand alone  when we can all stand together to get the system working as it should.