What Is Physicial Abuse? 27 Nov

What Is Physicial Abuse?

Shaking, Pushing Punching, Dragging, Holding down, Slapping, Beating, Whipping, Body blocking, Restraining, Kicking and Poking.

These are all forms  of physical abuse. It can be very confronting and shocking when this happens to you. There is one inportant message for you to remember. Abuse always  gets worse not better so you need to leave this situation as soon as you can.  Ring the police 000 or your local police station ask to speak to local Domestic Violence Liasion Officer so that you get the help and support that you need. If this person is not there then speak to another officer or leave a message. As leaving is the most dangerous time for you. So you need to get support from your local police station so you stay safe. This first hit or punch from your abuser is a warning sign ( a big warning sign) that its time for you to leave and leave as soon as you can with police escort if needed. Don’t wait for it to get better as it doesn’t it always, always gets worse.


You are not helping anyone, your children, your family, your abuser, your sanity and your life are at risk so get out now! The kindest thing that you can do for everyone is to leave. Your abuser needs to do healing to stop abusing you. Remember that your reporting him or her can help another victim from being abused after you. As abusers leave a trail of abuse victims behind them, they don’t just abuse one person. Also this will help him or her to get the help that they need to heal so they have a better life. You need  to have healing too so that you can go on and have a healthy happy life and a relationship without abuse in it. Get counselling first and repair the damage from abuse to you before you go into another relationship. Find out about the warning signs of an abuser it’s on our website or at our stalls. Get educated this will help you to do better in life and to have a healthy relationship.

Moral: Physical abuse is a big warning sign to get out now and to stay safe! Your life and children’s life are in Danger!

What is Physical Abuse