What is Sexual Assault?

It is any action which is forced, coerced or tricked into taking part in a sexual act. It includes being exposed to any sexual action against your will. Also it applies to anyone who can not give consent like a minor or a mentlly affected person. It is assault when some one uses there age, size, authority or position or trust to make a person perform a sexual act. Every sexual assault is a a crime. A sexual assault is an attack on the person’s body, senses or emotions and on the person as a whole. The effects can last a life time and are life changing. the sooner you go for help the better. Counselling and sexual assault counselling is best. They can make a world of difference to how you feel. Also reporting sexual assault to the police can be a healing process and can help you to heal from the abuse. Talking about what was done to you is part of the healing process and will help you to feel better. Many a victim keeps sexual assault a secret for years afraid to talk about  what was done to them. It has been my experience that it is not healing to do this and causes harm to you. So the sooner you talk about it the better and then the healing can begin. Tell someone that you trust a friend, a family member, a counsellor or even a police officer. If the person you tell does not respond in a helpful way then go to another person and tell them. Sometimes family and friends don’t know how to respond to you telling them they may not mean to respond in a non helpful way. It is important for you to get some support while you begin to heal going to a women’s group for abuse of sexual assault is a great idea and can be very healing. It is also empowering to educate yourself about this because when you understand what is happening for  you feel better. Do what makes you feel good and healing. there is no standard way for you to feel after a sezual assault what ever makes you feel better is the way to go. Every victim responds different. so do what make you feel good.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence cal 1800737732 or visit in an emergency call 000.


Moral: Take care of you and do what helps you to heal!

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