What to do when you see or hear someone being abused or bullied

What to do when you see or hear someone being abused or bullied. 

  1. Go to your local police station and report what you saw or heard or you can ring the police assistance line on 131444 in an emergency ring triple zero. There are also apps that you can use to make a report so you could put one of these on your mobile phone. Get an incident number so that you know that it has been recorded on the police system as it should be.
  2. Go to the person in authority in your work area or school or where ever it happened and report to them what happened and what you saw and heard. If they don’t act then go higher to the next person.
  3. Take photos on your phone for evidence only do this if it is safe for you to do this. These photos can be given to the police for evidence.
  4. Make a report about what you saw and heard as soon as you get a chance so you do not forget some of the important details that you need to tell the police or say in court.
  5. Be a support person for the person being abused so they know they are not alone and you are on their side.
  6. Be a witness and a support person when the person goes to court.

Moral Take action when you see something happening that is not ok.