Forgive Those Who Have Harmed You

Don’t carry the trauma of abuse forgive those who have hurt you. This does not mean that what they did was ok because it is not ok to hurt or abuse someone. It just means that you have personally forgiven them for what they did to you that was wrong. Carrying this emotionally only hurts you so work towards being able to let this go it can take you time to be able to do this as it is not easy to do this I know.  But the more you can let go of the anger and the pain of what was done to you the easier and better it is for you and the better your life will be.

Because carrying this anger with you is not healthy and good for your well-being so find a way to let go of the anger that you feel inside like doing sport, going for a run or walk, do boxing, punishing a pillow. Sometimes doing something creative like writing and singing or drawing to get how you feel and how you were harmed is helpful to you and can be helpful to others too. Being able to express how you really feel is so healing and powerful for a victim of abuse it helps you to release it and let it go. Working to improve the system and making things better for others is a great way to heal from what happened to you and make a difference to the life of others, turn it into a positive and how good is that for everyone.

Sometimes having an understand of why they did what they did can help you to understand why they acted in the way that they did. Also understand how their childhood was and their life was helps you to understand why they are the way they are and what makes them the person they are today. They may not know any better cause you can only do what you know so maybe they need educating and maybe that same thing was done to them and they are programmed that, that is what you do.  It does not make it right but it can help you to understand better. Maybe they were bought up to believe one thing and they can’t deal with it being any different and they are stuck in a false belief and they don’t want to change or look at this that things are different now. Maybe they are a psychopath and are a very damaged person. A psychopath is a person who has gone through very very bad trauma and they are permanently damaged and now have no conscience everything is everybody else’s fault they take no responsibility for their actions they can’t change so don’t try and help them. I think how sad to be this way I feel sorry for them they must have a very sad miserable life to be this way and not able to change and improve. There is not much you can do for a psychopath just keep away from them and feel sad for them warn others to keep away too.

Also it is very helpful to understand that what you give out to the world is what will come back to you the world mirrors what you feel inside and gives out so if you hold lots of anger and wanting to punish those that hurt you then you will attract that back into your life. When you really get this fact your life changes and you live in a different way and you are able to just let it go easier because the true facts are you don’t need to do anything to them to punish them they will punish themselves their horrible actions will come back to bit them big time. Because they will attract there own bad shit from what they did to you and you don’t need to do anything just sit back and watch it will happen to them.