Warning Signs Of Bullying Taking Place

Often when bullying is happening there are warning signs that your child is being bullied or is bullying someone else.

Knowing about these warnings signs is a great way for you to protect and care for your child and other children.

knowledge is key so learn about the warnings signs so you can help to stop it before it starts and gets out of control.

withdrawn behavior

not talking spends lots of time alone

acting out

doesn’t want to socialise with others

stays home alone

Doesn’t want to join in with normal activities


frightened a lot

very angry and aggressive

body language signs


won’t play with normal friends

has injuries and marks with no explanation

has to be the centre of attention

personality changes

tells you stories that don’t make sense

not being responsible for what  they have done or said

blaming others

being on detention a lot

not going to school

marks at school lower

not doing well emotionally