What Do Youth Need?

Youth need unconditional love and support to know that you trust and care about them. That you will always be there for them no matter what happens. That you have time for them and that they can talk to you about anything. They need boundaries that are age appropriate because these make them feel loved and cared about by you. They need time and space to learn about being responsible for themselves. Also a safe place to go home to and for them to bring their friends.  They need their own space where they can relax and do what they enjoy to do. But most of all they need to hear you say I love you often. If you are not getting the support that you need you can also go to extended family members and ask them for help sometimes these are a good substitute. Also another idea is your child’s friends mums and dads they may be able to offer help to you. My son and his friends also made a pact with his friends that if one of them had a problem they would contact the others for help. The reason they did this was because three of  their mates had suicided because they felt there was nowhere to go. This is also a great idea mates having each others backs so they are not alone.

Youth can have many issues that they need to deal with as teens and as they grow into adulthood such as depression, suicide, family breakdown, debts, bullying, relationship breakdowns, unemployment, alcohol, gambling, domestic violence and mental health. Sometimes things go wrong and when they do there are places youth can go to for help. Here are some of the places they can go to for help. There is lots of support out there for them to make their journey easier. You don’t  have to be alone get support for yourself. Here are some of the support lines that youth can ring or email to get help.

Kids help line 1800551800

Youth Advocacy Centre for domestic violence/ youth suicide

or what’s ok- at home

Moral: Find support for you so that you can do well in your life!

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