Add Your Story To Make A Difference To Domestic Violence.

I believe that every story of domestic Violence matters no story is more important than any other. The truth is we all matter and all our stories matter they all carry some wisdom we can use.  if you think your story does not matter I am here to say that you and your story does matter to me and to the world so be brave and tell others about it. Also we can all do something to get our stories told so that changes are made to fix the system. We are all part of the problem and also part of the solution. Every person affected by domestic violence needs to tell their story to get healing and to work on getting themselves better. Also to make others aware of what happened to us so that we can get changes and improvements made to stop it from happening to others. Tell your story to friends, family and work colleagues, in the media in papers and on social media, websites and to the world. I believe that we all need to work on this together as a group as men and women and experts with experience on what works and what does not work and ideas on how it can be made better. Lets all support each other in this journey what every person says and does can affect other victims after us. We are a group of very powerful people with voices to make changes and improvements to the lives of many others. As a group we can not be silenced or kept quiet for we know too much. We are very powerful and strong and we owe it to our children to make this situation better for it can not continue as it is destroying lives every day. We need to stand up and use our experience to make things better and change this forever. We need to all speak up about domestic violence. There has been some great work done recently by some brave survivors. I know that I have also made changes to the system from telling my story to the world in my biography that I wrote and from telling my story to members of Parliament  and the police. It is going to take all of us even the authorities working closely with survivors telling their stories to get the system fixed for good. The authorities need to be open to having changes made and to listening to us the survivors, the experts, the ones with real experience  on what is needed.