Domestic Violence and the Aborigine Community

The other day I heard a media person talk about this and say that in the Aborigine Community domestic violence is five times worse than in the white community. I think this is pretty sad situation. Wow it’s shocking in the white community and out of control and that is not good! If we are to fix the problems with domestic violence then we need to include everyone men, women, children, old folks, black and white.  The truth is we all matter we need to feel safe and loved and not be a victim of this abuse. We need to work on the whole country not just the white issue but the black issue too we all live in Australia. This issue needs to be talked about and a solution found for the sake of the country. I know that there have been attempts to fix this problem before but it has not worked and is getting worse. If Australia is to make a difference and fix this problem for ever then we can be an example of what to do and how to do it. That would be such a good thing if we did this for Australia and also for the world. I think it is embarrassing the way that it is currently. We can’t hide or run away from this problem we have to face it, that it has failed and we need to start again and find something that will work. These people who’s lives are being destroyed are real people with feelings and families and little children and they matter in the world. These are our communities and our back yards that are hurting and not doing well. They have so many skills that we need to build a better world so we need to fix this problem so that we can use them to help us to all do better. We can’t sweep this problem under the mat or pretend it is not there because it is and its an eyesore. We need to roll up our sleeves and get working to make this better. Then we can show the world how it is done and how to get these people having loving and healthy lives again. It is up to all of us to be a part of this solution and to help fix it. So come on lets get going and confront it the sooner we work on it the sooner it is fixed up. Lets at least start with a discussion about ideas on what to do and what is needed for it to work and for these people to do well again.