Making A Difference In The World

If you have an opportunity to do some good for the world then you should always do this. Look for opportunites as you go about your day where you can make a difference to anothers life or for the world as a whole. It might be something simple but it can be like a chain reaction that gets other people to do some good too. More people doing good in the world creates a bigger effect for everyone that just goes on and on. All it takes for good to happen in the world is for someone to make the first step and be brave. I always think how would I feel if that situation was happening for me what would I want to happen for me. What would help me and what would I need.  When you think like this it gives you to opportunity to put yourself in the other person situation and to be kind and caring. To make their life better and isn’t that a good thing for everyone. When you see someone struggling or having a bad day wouldn’t it be nicer to make a difference for them and to show love and kindness. Your kind act could be the difference to someones life when things are hard or difficult. You never know how they are feeling or what they are going through so show kindness and love when you can. Do good for the greater community and the most amount of people. Never stand by and watch but be proactive and think “What can I do to make the situation better for others” and even you. If a situation does not work for you then speak up and tell someone don’t complain but be proactive and do something about it write a letter, make a phone call, talk to someone about it so the situation changes and gets better for everyone. This is how great progress can take place and things get better for everyone. Most of the biggest changes in our history are from someone speaking out about a particular situation. Having personal experience of a bad situation is a great catalists for making a change and speaking up so things change. Don’t be one of the silent people who stand by and watch but take action in a meaningful and peaceful way that helps others. Always work for the greatest good of all concerned don’t just think about you but what would help the most amount of people. This is how we are can all make a difference in the world for good and help others in the process. The greatest gift you can give to someone is to be kind and caring it costs nothing but a bit of time. It is something that we can all do everyday to have the world a better place. Expecially when things are hard like at the moment we can all show some kindness and care to others.



Moral : If you have an opportunity use it to do some good in the world and make a difference to other peoples lives.

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