Mother Nature Is Calling Us

I just heard on the news today by a scientist that this virus has come from mother nature which is interesting because I think Mother nature has been calling us for some time to listen to her but very few are. But now with this virus happening now is the time for us to really start to listen to her because she is very kind and caring and she wants to help us not hurt us. I think that Mother nature wants us to think about our behaviour and our choices that we make. Mother nature is very wise and knowledgable she doesn’t fight with others she doesn’t scream at others.

She does things in a kind and caring way that helps everyone. This virus has been a big wake up call as to what we are doing to our earth and to each other. How we treat each other and what is really important in our lives.  We have posioned our oceans with our rubblish, our skies with polluation, killed animals for fun or money, destoryed forests, wasted our water and resources.  A lot of this is selfish and uncaring and we can do do better and respect what we have been given so that it is there for the next generation.

Lets make this generation that went through a bad virus but then went on to make great changes and improvements to our lives and the life of our planet. We need to listen to what Mother nature is telling us because I think it is an important lesson. Mother nature does not hoard what she has she shares what she has because she knows that when everyone wins so does she. Hoarding food so that others go without is so disgusting behaviour and not what we should be doing at this time. There is plenty for everyone if we share and show love and kindness to others. Attacking staff because there is no food is not the answer either.  We need to be there for each other use this time to work on ourselves read a book do a course, help someone not doing well cause thats what mother natures does.  She also works together with everyone doing there part and being a part of the plan. Every animal, plant and person on this earth matters so please start treat others and the world in this way so that we will come out of this even better and understand what is important in life. Do you really need your 200 shoes and clothes and what ever else you have when others have none. What makes you really happy is being a good person, doing good deads and helping the world and others to do better.  Also just being in nature and the simple things they are all free but so good and valuable so start treating them that way so we have them forever. We need to clean up our oceans, clean up our skies, look after animals and each other. Then I think we will have a different world than what is happening at the moment.

What worked with the bush fires was when everyone worked together everyone in the world came here to Australia to help and  get the fires out and with the whole world working together as a team. The fires that were uncontrolable were put out and they stopped. Then the rain come did you all notice that it rained as soon as we all worked together as one. Funny that when the world worked as one it got better. So lets listen to mother nature and do what she does which is everyone workers together to find a solution and to make things better. Please please everyone be kind and caring and think of others at this time. Use this time to talk to friends and family and tell them that you love and care about them that they matter to you. Help your neighbours, elderly and disabled and make a difference where you can.  Are you listening to mother nature can you hear her calling you to help the planet and each other?


Moral: Use life lessons from mother nature to make a difference to the world!

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