Resilience Song


i just wrote this song for a play i am in for resilience.

Resilience Song

We don’t like these awful things

National disasters and Covit 19

We are sure they must be unlawful

For all those who have been thought them

They have been so god dam awful


We are using resilience and due diligence

To improve our own experience

We are needing real brilliance

This way we can make a difference


So tell me what have we learnt from this

Is there any good that can come from this

We are remaining grateful for what we have

So we can allow more to come to us

We are working on the finance

Also giving others assurance

Hope its not a lesser experience

Oh god we need some resilience

Will this ever end it been so rebellious

So our hearts are open and clear

For then the universe will give us more

So tell me is this all there is

We are so glad we have gratefulness

Our message is love not fear

Using this we can make a big difference

With all this going on its a mental health crisis

But we have called in all the great artists

To draw sing and create from this

That way some good can come from this

Using love not hatefulness