Can Domestic Violence Happen To A Group Of People?

Can domestic violence happen to a group of people? Well yes it can the same things that work to silence one person can be used to silence a group of even a country of people, think North Korea or even Nazi Germany. Fear, intimidation, bully tactics, bribery, control. mind control., programming, isolation its all the same just on a larger scale. That is why it is important to be educated and aware so you know what it happening to you and those around you. That you stand up when you see control being used and people being silenced. Its a warning sign that something is not right and you need to take a better look and investigate. You will see steps taken to take away your freedom and your voice gradually over time these will increase. Don’t stay quite because things will only get worse you will lose everything that matters to you. Just like with victims of domestic violence the same steps work to get you out of it. Find out what your rights are so you know if what is happening to you is actually legal. Get support speak up and get educated will help you to spot the signs of what is going on. There is strength in numbers so get lots of support to help you get through this situation. Find other people who have the same values and beliefs as you that way you can all stand strong together as one group who say no, not OK to do that and to behave like that to raise above the abuse and control. The sooner that you stand up the better and easier it will be to get out of the situation before it is to late and you have no way to get out of the situation. As a victim of very bad domestic violence and torture, captivity i know this lesson very well and will never ever forget it or speak out about it for me or others. Don’t stay quiet the future of your life and children’s life is at state. Find ways to empower yourself and get your power and rights back. Don’t stay silence and wait for someone else to be brave.Doing something because you are being paid is not OK if it is hurtful and damaging to other people. Keep away from these people their values show there true intentions which are not good for anyone. Karma will catch up with them so do not worry about them just get on with your life and do good. Standing silent at this time is to approve of the abuse that is happening to others and yourself. Remember all it takes for bad things to happen is for good men to say and do nothing. We all need to be brave and stand up together as one people one group and one nation. Who will not be silenced with fear and intimation tactics but with truth and rights for the good of all and the nation.