Are You In Fear Or Love?

Every action you take in life you are responding from fear or love! If you think about this and when you are about to make a decision think am I operating from fear or love? Is this action going to help me and others or not? Fear is a very low vibration so if this is the case you need to get yourself out of domestic violence as soon as possible.  You will not have a very happy life living like this so now that you know you need to take action. But love is a very high vibration and very good for you and your wellbeing. Everyone does well when you are in love and make decisions from that view point. If you are living in domestic violence you need to go into your local police station and talk to the domestic violence officer who will help you to get away from your abuse. Also go and see a support service for domestic violence and get yourself a support worker to help you. The sooner you get out of this situation the better it will be for you. You will never have a happy life living in fear and afraid for your life. So be brave and take action because there is so much help out there for you. No one is benefiting from you living in fear and i know that for a fact because I lived that life for so long.  What I realized is that no one benefited not me, not my abuser, not my child, not my family. It was a big important life lesson for me to learn. You are actually helping your abuser by speaking up about domestic violence so that he can get the healing, the help and counselling that he needs. So everyone benefits by you taking action and having a better life, the whole world benefits when you do well and live your life in love. Abusers are living in anger, rage. blam. fear which are very low vibrations and they are not having a very good time in their life. So your helping them and reporting them is a really good thing for them. They may not see that at the time but later on when they are doing better they might say something and even thank you.

So what is it going to be live in fear or love?

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