Christmas Message From Stop All Domestic Violence Inc

Many of us are hurting, alone, under financial pressure, overwhelmed even angry and not feeling very happy at this time even though it is Christmas. But it is important to remember to be kind with small acts of kindness that we can do for others. Think about how you can help someone who is alone at this time and not able to visit their family. Can you invite them to your Christmas party, can you drop off some food to them, give them a present. What can you do to make their Christmas more joyful. This is really the true message of Christmas not how many presents you have and all about you and what you can get. But who you can help and be kind and caring to and spread a positive message to make their day better that is the true message of Christmas so think about that.

Don’t take it out on the shop keepers the police, ambulance and firers either they are just doing their job and they are having to deal with the same conditions that we are all having to deal with at this time. If you are feeling very distressed call someone for help don’t be alone. You can make another time to visit family and friends in the coming weeks if you can’t see them on Christmas Day. You can always ring them to talk to them to send your wishes to them or you could send a message on the internet or face-time them. We all need to find a way to celebrate Christmas in the best way we can at this time maybe this year you are alone try to find some things to be grateful for. If you are alone you could watch a Christmas movie on TV there are often great movies at this time and have a celebration with your family in the coming weeks instead. You could listen to Christmas songs or happy music that makes you feel better and happy. Maybe you could ring lots of people to talk to instead. Another idea is you could find people alone and all get together and celebrate together all bringing a plate. (If you are in an area that is allowing this.) You could meet some great new friends doing this and that’s a great outcome for everyone.

If you are with family and friends and things get out of hand it is best to leave the situation than to have the police come and for there to be charges on someone. Don’ stay if things get nasty that is not good for anyone it is better to be alone in that case. Be the  better person and leave first. What ever you do try to help someone or make it better for someone in someway. Another idea is lots of communities have community Christmas parties that you can go to it is better to do this than to be alone. There are also restaurant’s that provide Christmas lunch’s you could meet lots of other people who are alone  and you can all celebrate together having a nice lunch or dinner. I would like to end by saying what ever you do this year find a way to be good to someone in need doing it tough. Have the best Christmas you can at this time and remember things will get better but we all need to work together to help each other through this.