Threats To Harm You Family Or Pets

Many abusers have threatened victims with lots of different threats. I have heard them all and they are part of the need to control and manipulate you into doing what they want you to do. if you get educated in domestic violence you will see about this in the power and control wheel that is used to educate about this. Don’t be fooled it is part of the game that they play and use on you to get you to feel sorry for them or control you. My abuser told me that he was going to send hit men after me if I did not do what he wanted me to do which was to stay with him forever.  My answer after several years of hearing it was to say OK go ahead do it. I don’t care.  I have had enough. I was angry enough to stand up to him and his behaviour. While I don’t recommend doing this you need to be aware that in order to control you they try lots of things .Sometimes the threats are real and sometimes just a bluff and all noise.

You are not helping them by allowing them to do this to you. They need to learn to communicate in a safe healthy way that does not involve threats to others. There are lots of courses and books out there that could help them to do better or they could see a counsellor.  There are also men’s and women’s groups that deal with these kind of issues. You need to leave them so that they can work on their issues. It is not healthy to stay in a relationship with threats like this no matter how good they are in other ways. It is really a warning sign and a big red flag that you need to leave them and they have important work to do. They should not be in a relationship again until they and can communicate without using threats like this. There needs to be open honest communication in a relationship for it to be healthy between both partners. The longer you stay the worse it gets so get out now as it does not get better it gets worse always so leave while you can so you can have a healthy relationship with someone else. You are not helping anyone by staying in this relationship yourself your children or the abusers no one wins by staying.

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