Educate Children About Safe Touch Behaviour

We have all heard about the horrific acts of sexual abuse of children but what can we do to stop this from happening? I believe that education is key there are simple things that we can do to help educate our children about this. One thing is to let them know that they own their own bodies and can say who touches and who doesn’t touches them that it is ok to say no to someone. That if someone touches you without your permission or you do not like what it happening to you that you should talk to someone about it a teacher a parent a grandparent etc so it stops. Another important point is some of the things that children do and it is up to us parents and care givers, educators to talk to them about this and what is ok and what is not for them to do. Things like Keep their fingers and hands to themselves not to look up dresses or down tops of others. That this kind of behaviour is not ok for them to do if you see it happening say something about it don’t let it slide. We need to teach them earily so they grow up knowing what is ok and what is not ok to do with others. So they grow up respecting others boundaries and bodies. The more we work on this the easier it will be when they are older a teenager and an adult to behave the right way. This is something that needs to be taught and talked about at home in the family. You need to start when they are young using age appropriate information for them and as they get older continue to educate them and talk to them about this as they age.

Having a good relationship with your child where they know they can go to you to say things that they feel not ok about is so important for a child. Another important point is that you should never discount what a child says to you always believe them and support them. It is very damaging to do other wise and will cause problems later in their life. It is up to us adults to know where and who your children are with at all times and to do the necessary checks on where they are going and if it will be a safe place for them to go to. So don’t just go along with the crowd ask question pop in to see what it happening at lessons or classes be proactive and on the ball watching and listening. Check that the person has a current working with children check. Don’t leave them alone unsupervised in situations that could be unsafe for them. If they are going somewhere go with them or have them go with a group of children so they are not alone. Know who is talking and being with your children ask them be informed of what is happening to them. If there behaviour changes ask questions find out what is happening what has caused the change is it something  you need to investigate or find out more. All these actions will help to keep them safe and healthy happy from sexual abuse.

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