Speak Out About Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

The time is now to speak up about sexual assault and domestic violence with all the press in the media being talked about it. I would like victims to come forward and talk about their abuse so that we can make real changes to the system for the good of all. Too many victims are staying quiet about what has happened to them. But now is the time for us to all be in this conversation and to use our stories to be a part of the change. if we all rise up and use our voices we can help the next generation to do better and deal with this in a much better way. Post your stories on Facebook or social media or even send to me and I will put on the website to get your story told to the world so that what happened to you does not happen to anyone else. Lets use our voices for good and make some positive changes to the way sexual assault and domestic violence is handled by police by the courts and in workplaces. Lets use your story for good for others victims. We can do better I hear stories continually when I am at the stalls about what has happened to victims and it saddens me as a victim of this i know how it feels and the distress it causes to your life especially when it goes wrong so I am with you and support you.  It is not ok there are lots of changes that need to be made so that we can heal from what has happened to us. When we all work together we can make huge changes to the system and support each other in the process. By speaking out you are helping other victims to come forward and be brave to tell their stories too. The system needs to improve itself for the good of everyone. There is nothing to gain by staying silent anymore and being a quiet victim in this. As victims we are experts in what is needed and what works so use your voice and speak out to make a change to the system. I would like other victims to come with me in making more changes. As a group together male and female we have a powerful voice to make change happen.

Moral: Speak out about sexual assault and domestic violence tell your story!

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