Homelessness and Domestic Violence

Homelessness happens for lots of reasons one of them is because of domestic violence. When it is no longer safe to be in your home you can often end up homeless and on the street. This actually happened to me personally when i was going through domestic violence. I went to my local police station at Waverley and tried to get into a refuge for help. However the refuges were all very full and booked out. The lovely police woman tried all day to find me somewhere to go but to no result.  i was also pregnant at this time which made things even worse. So i was left to sleep on a park bench in a small park in Waverley. My abuser had already threatened all my family and friends. So i could not go to their homes anymore as it was not safe for them.  They all told me to leave so they were not threatened and in danger from my abuser who was a very angry, violent man with a temper and on bail at the time for murder of a policeman in a domestic. I only found out about this after being with him for awhile, the police had told me about this situation. He also had a thirty year record with the police of violence against other woman and children before me. Often you will leave for safety reasons but will end up in even more danger. Sometimes being in the street is even more dangerous as other people can assault or robe you. What would happen with me is that my abuser would be out all night going to every place i went to until he had found me. He found out about all the places i would go to in order to hide from him. He would keep looking for me until he found me which was terrifying situation to be in. As soon as he got me home the violence would all start again. Some victims actually live in their cars as some where safe to go to. Others go to family and friends waiting for housing to become available to them. Some abusers will actually target your family and friends with abuse too which then creates more problems for you to deal with. Their are lots of refuges but they are usually booked out and very overcrowded which makes it hard to get into them when you need it. We actually need more of these built at the moment. Their also needs to be more public housing available for people like domestic violence survivors and other people in need in the community. The public housing lists are actually years long with huge waiting lists in most areas.

In Australia and around the world at the moment their is a housing shortage  this is happening for many different reasons. At the moment their are lots of people who are not usually homeless who are homeless which is really sad situation. Most of this is due to no fault of their own but due to the situation in the world at the moment. Their are people like bush fire, flood or storm survivors. A lot of these survivors are still living in tents,caravans and cars even though huge amounts of money has been raised for them by the public. For some reason these people have not be helped with this money. Their has been very little change in their situation for the better. If you ask any of these people if they have received help mostly they will say no have not received help from government or bodies only a few people have done anything to help them recover. i have heard of some families who have even had children removed from them because they have no proper home to live in. This is not the solution and docs and the police need to do better than this it is unfair and unnecessary to do this to them. These families need real solutions and real homes to raise their families so they are not in danger. You might ask where did all the money go that was raised to help these families that the public raised and gave to charities and organizations? That is actually a good question to ask that nobody will answer. I have been told the money is still sitting in these charities bank accounts waiting for a rainy day. These homeless people need proper support and help not left with no where and nothing. Not good enough i say! There are even  reports of people in high paying jobs who can not find a suitable home for them to live in. There are also people who refused to take the poisoned vaccine and lost their job as a result who are now homeless and living in cars, tents and vans. These people refused to have a experiential vaccine injected into them. There are people with mental health issues, medical conditions, addictions, alcohol problems, drugs and disabilities, pensions, single mums all left with not homes to go to. some of these people have lost all their possessions as well as their home. i have heard stories of people who cant pay  for all bills and have to decide if they pay rent, food or power bill as can’t pay all of it. These kind of issues need to be addressed and a solution found world wide for all of these people. it is not ok to leave them without a home to go to.

There are many factors involved with all of this that need to be addressed like insurance companies who will not make payouts for damaged homes in storms, fires and floods. Then the owner can not afford to repair and re rent the house so it stays empty unused. it can even get more damaged and broken. Yet there are people living in tens, motels, cars, vans for months at a time. if all these empty houses were fixed they could be rented out again for the people in need. However another problem is lack of enough housing for those in need both in the private and public market. There is even cases of public housing being demolished and then private housing is built in its place to make a profit. While i have no problem with people making a profit we need more housing not less. Another problem is  the people who have bought homes and paying them off and then the rates increase so they can not afford to keep paying the mortgage any longer they lose their money and their home and need to rent again. The real estate prices have increased around the world at the moment. Interest rates are going through the roof and banks are making huge profits from this. The ordinary person misses out and can’t afford to own a home. So banks need to do a lot better too. i’ve heard about housing commission houses being empty for months when there are years of people waiting for this kind of housing. This problem needs to be addressed these homes rented out to people in need.

Another issue is the people now living in homes with mould and leaky roofs but no other housing is available for them to go to. So they stay in housing that is a health risk and no good for them.  Some people live in homes which are overcrowded with hugh family groups or friends living together in only 2 or 3 bedroom homes. This can cause problems and even domestic violence. I know of domestic violence survivors who live in motels for months as no other suitable housing is available for them to take.  There is a hugh lack of suitable housing in Australia and around the world at the moment which needs to be addressed and a solution found. If not we will see a raise in domestic violence happening to families as a result.

 People feel trapped and alone without support and a way to movwe forward.  Many families are having to leave the suburbs that they love in order to get housing in other areas of Australia. They are moving away from their family and friends and all support services that they know and use. So their support system is taken away from them and they are left isolated and alone. They are vulnerable to abuse, mental health issues, isolation, depression and even toxi abusive relationships.

Many people living in this situation are feeling helpless and alone with no way out. They have spent months applying for housing over and over again with no result or being told sorry no again and again. i have heard of people not even getting answers to their questions and just left in limbo with no answer or reply. This is very hard and not ok for this to be happening as people lose hope and can even sucide as a result.  Support agencies and real estate agents are overrun with clients wanting to find a home. In order for a person to feel safe they need somewhere safe to live to belong and have a support system and a stable base a root to ground them so they feel secure. Without this happening they are left unstable and unsafe fhe first step in helping with domestic violence survivors is for them to feel safe and protected grounded. The government departments need to work together to fix this problem once and for all. At the moment things seem to be getting worse not better and this needs to change for things to improve. Their needs to be alot of work done by organizations to fix all of these problems that people are having to get suitable housing to live in.