Human Trafficking

We are hearing a lot of terrible stories about trafficking and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove this is all true. In Australia  and also around the world in every country. It is still happening today and is actually getting worse. Did you know that millions of children and adults have been kept underground in cages and fenced in by their captives in tunnels around the world and in Australia and New Zealand? Well they have only just been released by a special army called the white hats in the last few months. Its all true and very horrifying to hear. Lots of these people have never seen the light of day. Their whole life has been underground in tunnels as captives. I thought that this kind of abuse and torture had stopped years ago. I was so shocked to find out about this happening today in our world. It is actually a huge industry that is world wide and makes millions of dollars for the controllers. There are thousands of employees working in this world wide. It is a hundred billion dollar industry world wide spread across every country in the world. Sex trafficking is a sixty billion dollar industry world wide in all countries. It is all run by crime gangs and thousands of illegal and non illegal industries. All the victims of trafficking are used in businesses and for undercover and lots of illegal industries. They are often keep as slaves forced to do what they have to do which is illegal and not O.K. Here are some of the industries they are used in cannibalism, cloning, drug labs, bio labs, crime rings, brothels, arms deals, trafficking, adrenochrome, paedophilia, organ harvesting, work labour camps, child labour camps, abortions ,drug industry, money laundering, murder, food industry, beauty industry, sex industry.

Did you know that human meat and fetal cells from aborted babies  are used in beauty products and in food products today? Well its true they are. i recommend checking all labels from packet foods and drinks are other products that you buy and use. It is given another name so you are not aware to hide the truth from you. Lots of products with flavouring are doing this today. Also popular in take away foods chains they are also doing this.  Some have been found to use human meat in their products they sell. I know of cases around the world where police have closed the business down for doing this very behaviour.

These industries involved in all of this are  the most profitable businesses there are which is why it goes on so much, undetected and not talked about. Which is why it is so out of control and evil. Most people can not handle talking or hearing about this kind of situation. But we must if we want to fix this situation it needs to be brought out into the open so that it is stopped and cleaned up. You can’t fix a problem if you do not talk about it. i am shinning a light on this problem and the terrible abuse going on here. i would like the good people of the earth to stand up with me and talk about this too so that it is no longer a hidden problem and a crime.

Their are contacts in these businesses everywhere worldwide keeping it going hiding the abuse that goes on to the public. These evil controllers are making money from this severe abuse, torture, murder, sexual abuse, and even starvation. Most people who do speak out about this situation of a sudden disappear or have some strange accident and die. In fact they are killed, murded for telling the truth. Some of the people at the top of all of this are police, members of parliament, docs workers, judges, politicians, business owners , church ministers, school principals, big charities the people we all look up to. These organisations make millions and control all of this abuse that is going on.  Just about every industry we know and think of as great are involved in this illegal corrupt behaviour. Schools, churches, banks, big corporations, supermarkets, entertainment industry, hotel industry, medical, science, universities, beauty industry, media, charities they are all involved and have their fingers in this pie making money out of it. Some of the biggest organisations and charities are actually doing money laundering into these businesses to hide where this money all goes. The poor people needing the money and the help often don’t get it at all they are left to die. i say if you want to help an area struggling find a way to donate directly with people on the ground that you trust or give to the person personally that way they actually get the help that they need.

The victims of this abuse are trapped in a no win situation. Left to work long hours to do things in industries they do not want to do or even agree with but are forced. some are beaten, starved, tortured, blackmailed, assaulted, abused and murded within an inch of their life. as their are so many of these victims available for the controllers to use they are told they are unworthy and of no use to anyone they are disposable to the world not cared about at all.I thought domestic violence was bad but this is taking it to another level its evil, horrific that it goes on in today’s world.Its like domestic violence on steroids that is happening and allowed to continue. A lot of these victims are used in industries which are dangerous and harmful to their health but no one is their to help them.they often have no where to turn no one believes them or offers to help. Many of these projects are secret, illegal, underground hidden from society and the world that we know. Traffickers make millions out of all of this for their own pockets. As this industry is so lucrative it is very hard to stop one will close down and another 5 pop up somewhere else. All the people making money out of this want it to continue and protect it to keep it going. So murdering someone to keep all of this going does not matter to them. These victims are beaten, starved, forced, controlled, sold, blackmailed, killed. sexually abused,. Many of these victims do not speak English and are illegal immigrants bought out from other countries  which makes there situation even worse as they can talk to anyone about their situation. there are others who are forced to sell their children or partners or to pay back the controllers that own them and their lives. They are in a debt slave contract with no way out. They are subject to all the usual domestic violence and even worse daily. Many stay because it is to hard to escape and to get help they are entrapped in abuse. This is really modern day slavery happening today in our world. I have been told that this situation is actually getting worse not better. Many people turn the other way and can not deal with this problem but we need to confront it  head on to fix it. These people are victims of crimes that is happening to them.

The people working in these industries are quiet about all of this as they don’t want to lose the money they are making out of it. They are selfish souls hurting others for money. i don’t know how they sleep at night and live with themselves. many people refuse to talk about this or educate themselves as it is too evil to confront. We need to find a way to re educate, repair and heal all of these damaged souls who are trapped in these industries. Most people would be shocking if they really new the truth of what is going on here. These victims are the most vulnerable of our society and need to be helped. often these victims are drugged and assaulted to stay quiet.

A lot of these industries are all driven by sex and addiction. some of these industries use other businesses as a source of finding children to target. As this is such a huge industry they are continually on the look out for more children to take. They also kill the children and drink their blood or body parts. The people at the top of all of this are complexity evil they are psychopaths they don’t care  about anyone at all. the victims in all of this are treated as a number and worthless. They have until now had no voice and no way out but things are changing. They are groomed, programmed to believe that money is the only thing that matters that human life has no value at all. Many are held as prisoners locked in with no way out or way to escape. they are bought and sold  put in containers and sent around the world to their next controller. Being forced to have sex is illegal it is rape and not OK.

 What can we do to stop this happening.

We can all take a stand against it. Don’t buy and use product from these industries. Expose the porn industry, sex industry, brothels, paedophilia when ever we can. Think before you buy a product do some research so you know the facts and you know if it is ethical and honest. if you see or know of a victims you can step in and help them. if you work in domestic violence be aware that a victim you meet my be a victim of trafficking too. You need to ask them this question so you know.

Action steps to protect children

Check their internet on phone and home computer also school

 know where children are going at all times and who they are with

 Check who they speak to online and in person in their daily life.

check when they go to friends homes who is going to be there.

Watch what they are doing at school at home and in the community

 Educate them about boundaries information in on  this website

Educate about self esteem and if you feel they need help on this do some work on this

information on this is on this website.

Children and adults who have self love and value themselves in their lives will not let someone abuse them.

If someone does they will take action about it.