Lets Get Our Message Of Kindness Out To The World

Late night I went to a meeting at Blackhealth Ivanhoe Hotel it was a meeting for all the creative town people in the mountains and surrounds to have ideas to get the tourist and the local economic going well again after the fires and the drought. It was really interesting and there were some fanatastic ideas coming forward from people to help the towns. This group though were not just thinking of themselves because they wanted to have the flow on effect and to send some of the customers our way too and to make our town of Lithgow good as well. Which is very kind of them to do that. They also said that they would be sending the ideas they had to other towns around Australia so that other towns could use the same idea’s aswell for there town to do well too. While I was driving home I had this crazy fun idea on what we could do to get people coming as well to these area. Its based on the idea in this children’s story book I wrote about using kindness to others. Because there have been some really kind people out there doing amazing things during this hard time. We all need to hear about more of these kind acts because it makes us feel so good inside and we all feel better and happier. Its been inspriational to hear of such beautiful kind acts while the fires have been going on. So lets play a game of sorts. Because the world has been so wonderfully kind to us at this time. So lets make kindness our marketing tool our reason for people to come to our towns lets really make it happen. What if we all showed kindness to others and then we put our kind acts on social media and the paper, the news, the radio, bullboards, clothes and anywhere we can put them to promote our kinds acts to others so that they do it too. Lets start it here in Lithgow and have it go down the mountains to Sydney to  NSW to other states in Australia and then all over Australia and then the world. Because I believe that like in the story in this book I wrote everyone will want to be somewhere where there are kind acts taking place. I mean who would not want to be part of that. Think about it the media coming to report on it stays the night buys a meal in a local restaurant etc. Then toursits come to check it out and be part of it and see it in action they stay the night buy a meal etc. The message goes out there and everyone takes part and benefits too.

That will make the world a better place for everyone. Also everyone will benefit from this idea its simple don’t need money we can all take part do our bit build the towns, the houses again even better than before. If you don’t have money you can do a kind act without money say a hug or make something or give a person a lift or something like that.


Here is the story I wrote

Buzz The Bee

Buzz the bee was a very busy bee. He loved to visit the gardens in his town. Where he would personally go to smell the flowers growing in the beautiful gardens. He would breath in the wonderful scent from the flowers. Collecting the nectar from each flower so he could make honey when he was back in his hive. He was a happy little bee because so many of the gardens in town had lovely gardens with so many flowers growing. As he went about his day he would hum to himself because he was so happy. He would say hello to the insects, birds, bugs and butterflies that lived in the gardens he visited every day. They were all his friends and he knew them all very well.

This town was a wonderful town with a river running through it. Because it meant there was plenty of water for everyone animals, gardens,wildlife and people. There were lots of farms on each side with plenty of wildlife and animals to be seen. All living happily together in harmony. This was how nature made it so that everyone could live together and help each other and support each other.

This town took pride in it appearance because it often won the award for the tidiest town in NSW. It was another thing that it could be proud of. It had lots to be proud of from it’s history already. It had beautiful greens hills, rivers, lovely picnic areas for family to go to and play and eat lunch under the trees in nature and even look outs to visit, The children would go to the river in summer and swim in the clean water to cool off. Or happily ride their bikes around the park under the trees that made its way around the river in town.

But one day the rain stopped falling. No one knew why or what had happened to cause the rain to stop.

The water in the river got lower and lower soon there was very little water left. The Town had to get water bought in on a truck and pay for the water to be bought in. It cost a lot of money and the town did not have a lot of money to use for this. No one knew what to do what the problem was why the rain had stopped. The beautiful gardens and farms all dried up.

Buzz the bee was not happy because all the flowers were dying. It meant he could not make the honey like before. So he had to fly to other towns to their flower beds. His heart was broken because he loved his little town. He could not live there without having water and having flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables to visit. Bees need all these to survive.

His beautiful town was dying and he did not know why. He spoke to the birds and butterflies to see if they knew what had happened. But no one had an answer for him. He wondered if he had done something wrong was it him? He spoke to the trees to see if they knew what the problem was but they did not know either. They were all dying too. All they said was that the town was in drought and their was no water and it had stopped raining for some reason.

They had to be careful how they used water now. So they got a new way to feel about the water than from before when it was so plentiful. They realised how valuable it was and how they has wasted it before as they took for granted that there would always be lots of water for them to use.

Buzz had to move to another town so he survived. He was very upset about this because he loved his little town. Everything in his town died. There was another problem too in order to have vegetables and fruit and flowers growing we need to have bees. So no fruit, vegetables, trees or flowers could grow in the town. They had to get these bought in too.

Buzz did not know what to do but he thought about what happens in nature when things go wrong. He thought about how nature works together to get things done. Then he had an idea he would tell everyone to work together as a team like in nature. That by doing that it would make things easier and better and it would be following the flow of nature.

So buzz the bee went off to tell everyone this message. He said that they had to use kindness and love to everyone. That they had to work together as a team. Everyone had to help everyone as much as they could. Soon everyone in town was being kind and helping others. Everyone pulled together to help others in any way that they could. It was such a special little town to live in because everyone was so kind and friendly. The towns people were all supporting each other and working as a team. They believed that by doing this they would make it through this tough time. At least they could all support each other. As a result of this the town became known as the friendliest little town in the west. Another thing it had to be proud of.

All the people in the city came to the little town because the people their were all so friendly, helpful and kind and the people of the city loved this. They would bring fruit, vegetables and flowers too for the towns people. Soon the town was on the news and all the people in the world heard about the town. They heard about its history and why it has so much to be proud of. Soon people were coming from all over the world to visit the little town. They had heard about it from the news and how special it was.

After people visited they decided to spread the message of the town to their own towns. They were kind and caring to everyone and would all work together in their town too. Soon the message was around the world about being kind and caring to everyone and about working together as a team. The world changed because of this little town and the drought.

Not long after this the drought stopped and the rain fell. The people in the town all come out of their houses and were so grateful for the rain to fall. They never wasted water again because they knew how valuable it was. The river filled up, the grass grew, the hills became green again and the flowers and trees all grew like before. Buzz the bee came back to his little town that he loved so much to stay. If you listen in this town you will hear him sing his little song about the town when he visits the flowers and trees and gardens.

But one thing about the town did not change and that was for everyone to work together and to support each other to use kindness to others. The people of the town believed that being like this made the town special. They would continue to support each other in anyway that they could. To all work together as a team because great things are achieved when everyone works together. No one knew why the drought had happened. But they believed that it was a good thing in one way because it bought everyone together as a team and to use kindness to everyone. They all became grateful for their little special town also for the water that was in the town. Buzz the bee loved this he was so proud to be a member of this little country town. Because the message he gave went around the world. Everyone was kind and caring they worked together as a team in there own little town,village and city. The world became a different place because of buzz and what he believed and the message he gave out. See one little bee can really make a difference to the world of one insect or animal or even a flower. Also to the lives of many and to the world as a whole. As a result of something so bad some thing so good came from this and everyone won. It made the world a better place to be.

Moral: Work as a team support each other and be kind so that everyone wins!

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