Welcome to the New Year

Hello and I would like to start this year on a postive note as much as I can. But in saying that I  would like to say that I am very sad as to what has happened in the last few day on our beautiful south coast (my favourite area to go to so pretty and peaceful). Also the Victorian area and any other area affected by bush fires and drought these areas too are special. When these thing happen they really test us and make us strong to stand together as a nation. One thing I would like to say is that We are all in this together and we can all make a difference to another persons life no act of kindness or love is too little. If you can’t donate financially you can still help with kind acts, hugs, smiles and words of incouragement or volunteer at one of the services helping. Another idea is to check on elderly or disabled persons in your area and make sure they are ok. Cos it all matters and helps another person or animal to do better. So please all continue to do what you can for others and wildlife because it does all help and make a difference. There have been some beautiful kinds acts done by many already and it makes me proud to live in this country and seeing people helping others and animals in this way. We can’t change what has happened but we can change how we respond to it by all doing our part and making something so bad turn into something so good. Because we all cared and took part in making it better for others and even better than before.  What a powerful message that would be to the world because the world is watching us at this time so lets make the message we send out one of love and kindness and working together as one.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to help and make a difference don’t wait for others but take action yourself when you see something that needs to be done. We can all learn from this experience and then do better next time. Our firies and other emergency services are doing a fantastic job so remember when you see them to be kind, caring and to thank them for what they do for us all sometimes with no payment. Plus they are putting there lives in danger for us to keep us all safe so remember that.  Thank you for all the people from other countries who have donated or sent their messages of hope, love and safety. It is so beautiful and makes us feel not alone at this time. Also I would like to thank all the countries that have sent people or planes or what ever to help us it is much appriecated. Lots of business have donated goods or services at this time and it is wonderful to hear about these stories. If you don’t know how to respond to someone in trauma there is information on the blog and website with idea on what to do and what victims of trauma need at this time.

I too have wondered what can I do I have already donated a small part of my pension and will continue to do this to support and help others in need. I also will be organizing a grant so that I can help bushfire and drought areas  in a meaningful way getting my information out to them.  Another idea I had was to write poems with beautiful messages in them to give inspiration and hope to those most affected. I will be giving these out and selling these at my stalls in the coming weeks for the small cost of three dollars and then donating the money from these to charities or go fund me pages for victims or to rural fire services to help their services. Remember that these areas will all need our help for months and years to come so when it is safe please go to these areas and buy things in the towns and villages. This is a great way that we can all work to help them to do better and get back to some normality and to recover and do well again.


Moral: Come together in troubled times to help others in need!

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