Life Lessons and Domestic Violence


When dealing with domestic violence it is important for you to look to those who are wise and can advise you. i have spent a lot of my time after domestic violence reading and listening to podcasts to improve my understanding and knowledge so that i can do better.Listening to those who are educated and have many life lessons and important imformation to teach us. When a situation continues to happen many spritual people say that when you learn the life lesson related to that problem and situation the situation will stop happening to you. That we need to learn when this happens to you it is important to stop and analysis the situation take a breath a moment to re group. Is there anything that you are doing to keep the situation going any beliefts or anything else. if you have false beliefs there is information on the business website that you can use to help remove this just look in the blog section on false beliefs. Are there some life lessons for you learn.

Once you have worked on the situation and learnt your life lessons things will look better and happier for you. Also you will not repeat the same situation over and over again but would have moved on to better things. So what are the things that you can learn from what is happening to you are there any aha moments that you have had. Is there some new information that you need to learn about sometimes things are programed in our head and this can stop you from moving on. Programming often runs our life controlling our life and often we are not even aware of it happening to us.

Things become easy when we are continually working on our own issues and getting better learning new ways of doing things. Education should never stop we should continue to learn more so that we can do better and grow as a person. As we grow so does our life and it can get better and better the more you know the better you do in all areas of your life. So next time you feel stuck think to yourself what is this experience trying to teach me what can i learn here? How can i do better or use this experience to help others and not just me what good can come from this. This puts you in control of your life and what happens to you instead of this is happening to me (victim mentality) you can look at it as this is happening to me but i can use this experience for good and grow and do better as a result. I understand how easy it is when you are in domestic violence to continue to be a victim i know that so well i have lived it for years but be the better person and understand that there is another way of looking at things and dealing with it. Hope this imformation is helpful and gives you something to think about.