People Who Love You Don’t Play Games

If someone you love is playing any kind of mind games with you that is called gas lighting. It is not love but abuse. Any word or action that causes you distress  that is purposely done is part of this too. Your loved ones should make you feel happy and not sad or upset. So it is important that you are aware of this fact and know what gas lighting is. Love heals and allows you to grow to learn and to do better. It supports you to be a better person.  Not to feel shame or frightened of what is going on around you or to you. It is also called control and manipulation and it is not OK to do this to anyone. People who love you don’t overwhelm you and give you trauma, confuse you and make you feel unsafe. if someone that you know is doing this to you or anyone that you know then i would suggest that you keep away from them. You don’t need this kind of love its not kind or needed. If a person uses that kind of behaviour then that is on them and is a reflection of the kind of person they really are. It is their issue and behaviour that is wrong not yours. You go on and be a good person as karma will catch up with them. Try not to take it personal as its not its about them and their bad behaviour and problems. Take it as a warning sign of their real behaviour and that they have some personal work to do. Just look after you as good as you can and keep away from them till they behave better. Good people lift others up make them feel good about themselves and help them when needed. Real friends are their in the good and bad times for you. There are not conditions attached to their love for you. Also you do not owe them anything for the support they give you it is all part of being a friend. Love is free it is not owned by anyone and should not cost anything especially pain.


Moral: Be with people who support you with love in good and bad times!