More Types Of Domestic Violence!

Gaslighting is a hidden form of mental and emotional abuse. It is done to make a victim doubt themselves and their sanity. It is also done to control and manipulate the victim. The abuser is usually charming and seductive. You will feel you are at fault for what is happening to you.

Signs of Gaslighting


Telling elaborate lies

Sending mixed signals

Making false accusations

Deciving others about you

 Threatening You

 Making you doubt yourself and others

 Wearing down your self esteem

Convincing others you are crazy

Attacking your self esteem

Moral: Believe in yourself and how special you are!


What is stalking?

It is when someone is watching, monitoring or following you!

It can take place between work, home or going to appointments. Sometimes the person stalking you will organise another person to watch or follow you on their behalf. It is another way that an abuser can control you and keep you feeling afraid of them. The Truth is it is illegal for someone to do this to you and is a violation of your rights. Stalking can lead to other violent crimes and even death so report it as soon as it starts.

What to do to look after your safety

Always report stalking to the police

Get yourself an apprehened violence Order to protect yourself

Get a notebook and write down the time, place and event that happens so you have a record of all stalking or abuse events

Advice your friends, family, work colleagues and neigbours of what is happening to you

Take a different route to your appointments if possible

Get security cameras at home to keep you safe

Moral: Build a strong sense of safety from support of those around you!


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