Role Models Why These Matter

We have all heard about having good role models but why do these matter and do they make a difference. Well research has found that having good role models do really matter in children’s life.  Just having one person like this connected to a child makes all the difference in the world. Someone for them to look up to and learn from can be the difference to a poorly lived life or a good healthy happy life. We learn from what we see and hear around us so yes good role models really do make a hugh difference for a young person. Can you be a good role model for a child near you that you know. It is a simple thing that you can do to help a child remember to tell them that they can come to you anytime for anything this action could save a life. So many children grow up with no role models in their life so  you could really help and make a difference for a family and a young person that you know. Girls that have good role models with there dads go on to have happy and healthy relationships with their partners. Boys that have good role models with there dads don’t use violence with their partners later in life.

Good Male Role Models For Young Girls

Fathers and good male role models have a very important job to do in a young girls life. They set the tone and teach a girl about how to be treated by men in relationships. They have a very unique opportunity to teach girls about being respected, valued and that they are special in their own way. So find out what she loves and is good at and then praise her for this. Build her self esteem and show her that it is safe to talk to men about her feelings and what matters to her in her life. Spending time like this teaches girls about healthy relationships both physically and emotionally. so set a date night with your  daughter or special girl in your life so that she can have the best healthy relationshipsin her life when she is older.

Moral: Teach girls that they have high value to the world and should be respected for the special person they are!


Good Male Role Models For Young Boys


Fathers and good male role models have a very important job to do in a young boys life. They teach boys to be non violent with woman in relationships later in their life. They also teach boys about being real and saying how they feel and taking ownership of their feelings. Boys need to feel that it is safe for them to express their feelings to girls and to others. so that when they are in relationships with women they are able to open up and to own how they feel in a safe verbal way both mentally and physically.

Moral: Teach boys that they have high value and that what they have to say is important and is of value to the world!

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