All Lives Matter Black or White

All lives matter black white or any colour or race we are all the same and have the same needs. We all need to feel valued and have the same rules. I would like to live in a world where every life matters and has value feels a part of the world. Here in Australia I think it is important that we work with our black community and fix the problems that are currently there not just march in the street but work to stop blacks from being in custody. Stop the problems from the start so that blacks stop drinking, taking drugs or what ever they are doing and having domestic violence in their life. There have been lots of inquires but has anything changed and got better. I don’t think that it has maybe even worse. I would like to see the whole community work together to fix the problems police, MPs, counsellors, charities lets see real change for good so that we can be proud of our black community and see them shine and do well again. That will take a lot of work but it will be worth it to see these communities really do well and become the people that help to lead and run be a part of the community again. Every life matters and has some good that they can do. If we all be a part of the solution and do something to make it better. What can you do today to help work on this problem what solutions or actions steps can you take to help. Lots of people all doing something will help to make this problem better. Lots of little steps will lead to big improvements. We want to be proud of our black community and what they do and say how they act. They have a lot to offer the world and Australia they have so much knowledge to use to help us. Having them doing well will mean that they can make Australia the best place in the world to live. Wouldn’t it be good to have the world say well Australia had a problem with their black community and they made it better and fixed the problems. We can take a lead in this show the world how its done be a shining example and wouldn’t that feel good.  What kind action can you take today to help fix this problem for all for good. So that our black community is doing really well again.


Moral: Work to make everyone be the best person that they can be and shine!