Terror and Control

Terror and control happens as a result of domestic violence it will leave you feeling helpless and can be an overwhelming force for you to deal with. These actions are done by your abuser and a result of their wanting to control your every move you make. So that you become what they want you to feel and be. Also that you are no longer safe to be yourself. It often can be outside the normal range of domestic violence and can be an extreme way of controlling  and traumatising you. Any one who experiences this will feel a sense of loss of control, connection to their world and a meaning in their life. It will leave you with overwhelming emotions you will have to adapt your life to fit in to your controllers need so that you are still safe. There could also be threats to your body and thoughts as a result of your abuser. With threats of violence and death very possible for you to experience. You will feel an overwhelming intense fear and helplessness for your situation not knowing how to get out or to escape. You will dedicate time and energy to try to change things for the better for you. Your faith will often be shattered and you may feel stuck emotionally to make a decision or a physical move as a result of the abuse frozen in your body and space. Your abuser will make you feel that you are inferior human being and have no value but this is not true. What you are experiencing is evil and very unjust. Often victims will dissociate as their life becomes more unbearable for them to deal with. Victims can have a range of emotional reactions or they can be completely shut down. This type of abuse will often start in small ways and then gradually  get worse. From the outside another person will not understand why a person will not leave this situation but they will have no understanding of the programming and abuse taking place as it is usually hidden. Often the victim will be targeted by others and not the abuser which is so unfair. Some victims of this type of abuse feel abandoned and forgotten left in their own frightened world. Their own fear will keep them trapped in their forgotten unforgivable world. The Traumatic feelings overwhelm the persons normal human ability to function in any other way. Their body integrity is shutdown unable to cope with the abuse.  Victims will feel trapped exhausted and unable to get free. As your body experiences these abuses it goes to alert ready to run fight or freeze. Your brains is permanently changed as a result of this abuse. Trauma victim often feel that their body as failed them as they were unable to move or talk. Replaying the event over and over again in their  head like a movie stuck on play. Their baseline is changed forever never again to function in the same way. They will have lots of triggers that remind them of the event or a part of the event. Triggers happen from a sound and sight that happened in the abusive event.