Adult Bullies and Domestic Violence

Just like child bullies there are adult bullies too. Usually they were child bullies but no one stood up the them so they grow up to be adult bullies so they can continue with their nasty games. If you see a child bully take action so that they can get help for their problems and don’t grow up to be adult bullies. These people have spent years perfecting there skills and tools. They have learnt how to hurt others in the most evil nasty way. They love victims and those afraid to speak up for themselves. Also those who are different or stand out in some way. The ones who are often alone and do not have many friends. These are their perfect victims as they are alone and don’t have much or any support available to them. Don’t ever be alone with a bully as they will dis-mate you till you are gone.

So what do we do with adult bullies well the same as child bullies. Get yourself a team to support you and never ever act alone. Organise as much support as you can and then confront them and you will see them back down real quick. They don’t like people standing up to them and speaking the truth. You will see them hide away when confronted with their bad behaviour. They will not be so tough when a huge group is there to talk to them. Bullies are just frightened people who project their insecure feelings on to others. They usually have a lot of work to do on themselves but will not do it or admit that they have a problem. You will find these adult bullies in businesses, organisations and government departments anywhere where they can push others around and have control. They use lots of the tricks of domestic violence this is all well known to them and in their tool box to use on others. These types of people should come with a warning sign so that others keep away from them as they are very bad news for others. No fun at all to be around and are always playing horrible mean games with others. See them as what they are damaged people who need to do there inner work before they have contact with others. If you know someone is a bully like this try and keep away from them as much as you can. Tell them to start doing their inner work so they become a better person. They like to use fear to get others scared and to do their dirty work or make them afraid of them. If you see someone being bullied either a child or adult always report it to some one in authority. So hopefully their bad behaviour stops and always support the bullied person as much as you can so they are not alone at this time.