What is Stockholm Syndrome?

So what is stockholm syndrome ? It is a psychological state or set of behaviours that a victim or a group of victims will have when they have experienced on going domestic violence, kidnapping, captivity, violence or battered person syndrome. It can also happen in many hostage situations too. The abuser will use coecercion and control, false information to confuse and silence the victim or victims. Often victims will appease or please their captive in order to get their safety back again. They will try to work with or do things to please their abuser thinking that they will be released or helped in some way. The victims will feel fear, terror, anger and disbelief at their abuser who torments them. They will be unable to escape and will feel trapped in some way usually isolated from others or society. Sometimes the relationship with the abuser will be positive and sometimes it will not being violent and controlling. Stockhome syndrome is actually a coping and survioral mechanism that victims have to live with the experience they have been through. Victims will develope trauma as a result of the capitivity that they experience from this later on in their life. In the captive stage their will be a significant threat to their life or a loved ones life. Victims will also feel gratitude to their abuser for any kindness or sympathy that is shown to them. Thninking that the abuser is really on their side and cares about them. But in fact they do not and this is all part of the game that the abuser is playing to confuse and control the victim keep them quiet and in line and not causing any trouble for them.They will find that the goal post and rules will continually change again and again. Victims will often feel special and that the abuser has saved their life in some way and not killed them. It is surprising to others how the victims of these crimes behave and feel bonded and special for their abusers often defending them.  They will not want to leave them or speak to police and be witnesses at trials to testify against them in any way. This is actually very normal way to act in this situation and happens a lot. Often domestic violence victims will refuse to leave their abusers and will want to stay with them and support them even though they are abused over and over again. Victims will experience mental health issues, flashbacks and post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the violence that they experience. After years of this abuse the door could be left wide open and the victims can refuse to leave and want to stay there with their abuser instead.Also they can feel unable to mentally go they are physical stuck unable to leave due to violence and threats against them. They will think the resucer and the police are the enemy staying on the abusers side. Recovery is found once that they are in safety then reconstruct of the trauma story can begin in their own words to help them heal. The next step is to restore connection with family and friends and their community.


Four conditions have to exist for stockhome syndrome

1 A perceived threat to their life or someone that they love life.

2 Kindness at times in between violent outbursts

3 isolation from others

4The inablility to escape from the situation